student employee at research project (1995)
Lehrstuhl f. Baugeschichte 🔗, RWTH Aachen
Lamayuru monasterey / Yundrun Tharpaling-Gompa
buddhistic monastery
Lamayuru, Ladakh [satellite]
As part of a five year lasting research project in the 1994 and 1995 Lamayuru monastery was surveyed. It is located a day trip away approximately southwest from Leh. Solitary-like situated on a table-hill in the centre of a big valley whose broad and fruitful bottom is almost flat. The monastery appears from the distance huge and massive but in real some tiny galleries surrounding a 15m tall rock-needle which encloses the meditation cave of its founder. Its access is by passing the monastery’s library, only. According to this there exist no rooms or vault-cellars without daylight. The monastery is surrounded by a secular village economical addicted to it. It is said being 15 monks should live in it. The measurement-campaign lasted three month in 1995. It included a overland transfer of the institute’s research truck from Aachen to India.
monastery sight from valley
monastery sight from close highway
secular village at the monsatery
prayer mills in front of monasterey
valley sight
rock formation beside village
Tsemo castle at Leh: prayer flaggs connecting montains
research truck crossing Taglang-La-passage