Collège du Mont d'Hor, St. Thierry cut-off-sheet of Ingelheim castle chapel vault elevation lobby of Dreieich Plaze, Dreieich

Architectural Journalism

The outstanding feature of my work is to provide architectural reports (reportages) in text and photographs at the same time. In fact I am the only German-speaking architectural photographer who offers this service on a professional level. Most of my projects come from a journalistic background. However, there is a growing demand for my work in the area of marketing.

Graphical services and prepress

In consequence of this growing demand I put more effort in graphical services. I offer the full service package for brochures, flyers and corporate identities. In addition to this, I can also provide editorial and production services for whole books. This includes not only the classic desktop publishing but also the coordination of the whole printing process.


A second aspect of my services is photogrammetry with the focus on preservation of monuments and historic buildings. In cooperation with Peter Knoch's office for building research in Heidelberg I offer am accurate developed view of walls and ceilings. Using up-to-date computer software the photographs are deskewed to scale and can thus replace extensive drawings. Exact measurements of embrasures, seam dimensions etc. can now easily be taken from digital pictures or prints. Besides the presentation of flat surfaces I am also able to create developed views of curved surfaces like vaults and round towers.

Planning services

The last component in my portfolio is the traditional work of an architect. As a member of the architectural association I am allowed to offer planning services of all work phases for architecture offices as well as for private house builders, I can design your individual home.