some non-digital equipment
Since June 2015 I am working with a 51-Mega- Pixel-chip-full-size-camera. According to this the picture-quality is comparable to digital mid-size-cameras. For architectural purpose I use in general four shift-objectives with focal-lengths of 90mm, 45mm, 24mm and 17mm. The latter is not a fish-eye one, but an absolute distortion free extreme wide angle objective.
Beneath the digital equipment I still own my analogue big-size-kit (6x9cm) including a powerful mobile flash-light-system.
Nowadays this gear has come in use again because of building preservation tasks, where analogue pictures are more required too.
Background for this is to certificate high archive stability. Right now there are no resistant analysis available how long data carrier are stable. Probably each user would have made the experience that a CD or DVD will not work anymore by less than five years. According to this state of art is data migration.
One alternative is an additional analogue photo-production by using black/white-negative-films. Here are aging effects possible but the image-information is not lost. A proper storage will help to minimize this and finally a restoration of the film-material is possible even after decades. In fact the first photos ever made still exist, and this after over 150 years.