photogrammetry:  Kuckesrath Manor

Photogrammetry of former bakehouse (2021)
Former bakehouse of a four-sided farm
Aachen [satellite]
Brick masonry
Gut Kuckesrath is an equestrian farm owned by the city of Aachen and located in the Soers, which are the pastures between the city centre and the A4 motorway. The listed four-sided farm is located directly behind the riding stadium of the ALRV, the organiser of the CHIO, the largest equestrian tournament in the world. In one photo, you can see its floodlight masts in the background. There is a small, former bakehouse on the estate that is quite in danger of collapsing. My task was to take measurement pictures of its exterior. These are frontal and thus perspective-free photographs of the wall and roof surfaces. They are taken at a scale - here it was M 1:20. This makes it possible to extract the true building dimensions from the photo. My measurement images are to be the basis for a renovation concept. For the first time I was able to realise corrected measurement images of sloping roof elevations, ultimately aerial photographs.
Kuckesrath Manor: West view with riding stadium in the background
Kuckesrath Manor: Perspective view of the bakehouse from the north
Kuckesrath Manor: Measurement image of the north-western bakehouse gable wall
Kuckesrath Manor: Perspective view of the bakehouse from the west
Kuckesrath Manor: Scale view of the north-western bakehouse roof