façade photogrammetry (2021)
Hanbruch manor
Baroque four-sided farm
Aachen [satellite]
Hanbruch Manor is a baroque four-sided farm owned by the city of Aachen, which is surrounded by a pond like a moated castle and is used as an equestrian farm. On its northwestern and southwestern sides, it has ditches covered with dense bushes, mostly very boggy. It is obvious that the subsoil is not rocky.
In particular, at its northern building corner, in the transition from ditch to pond, the three-story north wing shows significant cracks in the facade, the cause of which is assumed to be subsidence. They are in urgent need of restoration. For the preparation of the necessary work, as well as for the damage documentation, I was commissioned with the production of corresponding measurement images of the facility.
However, a scaffold had already been erected before I was commissioned to secure this work for a roof repair that was being carried out at the same time. It was therefore not possible to photograph the facade surfaces frontally and to rectify them conventionally. Instead, it was necessary - as in 2011 with the Aachen Granus Tower - to enter the scaffolding and first take numerous close-ups, which I then combined on the computer to create a planar facade development at a scale of 1:25.
Hanbruch Manor, Aachen: The northwest long side of the north wing was partially scaffolded
Hanbruch Manor, Aachen: Even though the main facade area consists of only two high-resolution images, 39 individual images were required for the scaffold section
Hanbruch Manor, Aachen: The north wing front on the northeast facade was also scaffolded
Hanbruch Manor, Aachen: To take out the scaffolding required 35 partial exposures
Hanbruch Manor, Aachen: The further northeast facade with the stables
Hanbruch Manor, Aachen: Site plan; blue the documented area, red the scaffold