graphics design:  1st Relaunch of (2007)

Robert Mehl
1st Relaunch of (2007)
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In summer 2007 my website got its 1st relaunch. Since than its content is databased served. The project was developed and realized (data-management, front-end) by Armin Jodlauk, the front end's design was created by myself. For the file-management he programmed a new software in C++. Different as expected he did not use ready-made modules of existing programmes like Microsoft Access.
For the online-pages Armin Jodlauk used HTML 4.0-code, which was brand-new in 2007. A considered vision guarantying an unobstructed website-operation for almost 10 years. While in 2017 the online front-end has been changed, the approved offline data-base is still the project's core.
From the beginning maximum data-optimizing for search-engines had priority. According to this all possible search-hits got own HTML-pages. They were generated in advance and placed on the server. Till today the content is shown way and is not online-generated by true-time-scripting. For this reason the last edition of the 1st-design-versio consisted out of 39,182 files. Until the map-module implementation in 2010 any scripts were used at all. Beneath the better website's better location the search-engine-optimisation enabled embedding of the Google's regular search-engine within the site for a well-working full-text-request.
The most significant graphical change was replacing the website dominating flour-bag to a self-designed company-logo. This trademark-symbol is an abstract interpretation of this former bag.
At that time there was introduced as well the still existing start-page owning 25 project-tiles. These could be selected and combined according to editorial matters.
1st website relaunch: start-page
1st website relaunch: overview architectural-photo
1st website relaunch: example-project Elbphilharmony
1st website relaunch: overview article
1st website relaunch: overview old-building-preservation
1st website relaunch: all services
1st website relaunch: curriculum vitae
1st website relaunch: logo-design