LC 2 sofa
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Le Corbusier's LC 2 two seater replica sofa

Cross-seating as quality

The original LC 2 two-seater sofa, designed by Le Corbusier in 1928, was decidedly narrow with its 99-centimeter-wide seat. Now there is a replica with an interior width of 125 centimeters.
Actually, I only wanted to take studio photos of their LC2-style two-seater sofa for my client Famous Design 🔗. But when I first saw the photos, the single shots looked like a flip book - a short but nice stop-motion movie. I have now simply produced.
The advertising message is that this replica is a whole 25 centimeters wider, like its role model, the famous classic by Le Corbusier. On this now a 1.83 meter tall person can sit crosswise on it while stretching his legs. With the original with an internal dimension of 99 centimeters, this is rather difficult. Also motivating for me were the great cushions in Piet Mondrian style. The has my dear wife sewn especially for this and I think: On it fit the or none at all!
So what simple you do not get bought, even the fabric procurement was sporty!
On the history of the LC series:
In 1928, the architect and designer Le Corbusier had conceived his LC2 seating series on the 60 centimeter module. This gave the single-seater a very cubic character and became a design standard. The steel frame on the outside acts as a cage to hold the cuboid cushions. These are only loosely inserted in it. The principle is found in both the two-seater and the three-seater. But sofas like armchairs are very narrow and hardly suitable for the intended number of users. While the armchair became increasingly popular among design purists, the two-seater found its way into executive waiting rooms. Its seat width of 99 centimeters provides ample space even for obese visitors.
Of course, the comfort issue did not escape Le Corbusier and he developed an update based on a 70 centimeter module with the LC3 series. This, however, looks very roomy and opulent. What I find rather unattractive about the LC3 series is the back of the original two-seater. The outer steel frame, with its numerous vertical braces, looks like two individual LC3 chairs that someone welded together and subtly resembles a railing.
Famous Design's two-seater is now a successful fusion of the LC2 and LC3 series: slightly larger dimensions (62.5 centimeter module), but the original frame with the few verticals.

P.S. For the sake of completeness, it should be noted that LC1 is an armchair that has armrests made of leather straps that sag, and LC4 is a recliner made of leather and steel.