architectural design:  The Bridge

Residential-house case-study (2017)
Caroline Reinartz †
The Bridge
residential house
Aachen [satellite]
steel-construction, slimline-ceiling, precast-concrete-elements
The estate is one of the last Aachen war-time-ruin-areas. For decades and still now it is used as private-enterprise parking-lot.
The basic idea is to connect two existing firewalls by using two lattice steel-girder - similar to old railway-bridges - for crossing some existing cellars. By this the parking-area-access would be still possible as well as the following store-house could be supplied.
The bridge construction would enable three levels by 200 m² floor-space, in which exemplified three apartments (two having 70 m², one has 60 m²) are placed. The whole building would be wheelchair-assessable. Target group would be elderly people, who want to live still close to Aachen center, participating the given infra-structure and appreciate a certain Lousberg-closeness.
The sun-shine-direction is the estate's general problem taking place from the loud and traffic-intense crossing. My suggestion is to organise the apartment access by a loggia-system. By a deepness of 2.50 m the recessed balconies could temporary closed by rail-guided glass-screens. They were balustrade-above fixed and able to change the area in a common-used sunroom. In addition this would be a relevant noise-reduction, too.
Sadly Ms Caroline Reinartz died in early summer 2017 and the project idea could not refined anymore.
»The Bridge«, Aachen: present urban-situation
»The Bridge«, Aachen: urban model, airborn-view
»The Bridge«, Aachen: urban model, south-eastern view
»The Bridge«, Aachen: urban model, northern view
»The Bridge«, Aachen: building model, southern view
»The Bridge«, Aachen: building model, northern view
»The Bridge«, Aachen: building model, sample ground-floor layout
»The Bridge«, Aachen: stair-house section