architectural design:  Cabbage Circus

project study (1994)
RWTH Aachen
Cabbage Circus
former central market dome
Leipzig [satellite]
8cm concrete-shell-dome
The former Leipzig central market impresses by its double-dome where each of them owns a 65m-diameter. Built in shell-construction the concrete-skin has a thickness of just 8cm. By the German reunion the giant central market got useless for a town like Leipzig. In addition the erection of the New Leipzig Fair by gmp architects made its conversion to a fair-hall senseless.
The design-study suggests a new use as sports-gym with an integrated indoor playing-field for major sport events. One-story extensions towards the railway tracks where removed for a glass-façade. The administration-annex facing the street remains but the entrances will new organized.
In 1995 the central market was shut down and since than it is almost out of use. At present in the southern dome a discotheque is located, called “Kohlrabi- Zirkus” (engl. Cabbage- Circus). This was the former common building-name. The northern wing can be rented for unusual major events, e.g. for flee-markets.
21 years after the design-study - in April of 2015 - I visited the building the first time. In the meantime it is heritage protected. At this time the on-top linked pictures were done.
northeastern model view of northern dome
northern model view
northwestern model view of back-side glass-façade