photogrammetry:  Vischering Castle

Interior documentation with flash unit (2015)
baumass 🔗, Erftstadt
moated castle
Lüdinghausen [satellite]
baumass 🔗, Erftstadt (surveyor)
Vischering Castle is a Münsterland moated castle located on the northern edge of Lüdinghausen in North Rhine- Westphalia. In the 16th century, the castle fell victim to a fire and was subsequently rebuilt. Accordingly, the completion of the current state of construction can largely be dated to the year 1617. The Renaissance-style castle has largely retained its fortified character to this day. In the Münsterland, which is rich in castles and palaces, Vischering Castle is one of the best preserved. Not least because it is a moated castle, there had been considerable structural damage caused by damp and soil settlement, which had to be remediated. In preparation for these measures, I was commissioned by Meike Hofmann and Marc Wietheger, together with the building-historical surveying office baumass 🔗, to compile a room book of all its interior rooms, especially its cellars. The work, which took place from July to August 2015, required a frontal shot of each room wall as well as two diagonal shots of each room. Thus, for a simple square room, at least six shots were required. Fixed fixtures such as fireplaces had to be captured in addition. The complete series of images consists of 145 individual shots, for which the location had to be illuminated dazzle and shadow-free with my mobile flash system for each shot.
Burg Vischering: access from outer castle
Vischering Castle: knights' hall
Burg Vischerung: so called "Auslucht"
Castle Vischering: four-poster bed of the Heidenreich
Vischering Castle: living chamber
Vischering Castle: fireside room
Vischering Castle: vaulted cellar
Vischering Castle: cellar exit