Le Corbusier’s LC-2-Sofa Ready-made
Façade documentation "Gut Hanbruch", Aachen, D
Fire door in the "O-Werk" (former Opel plant), Bochum, D
Refurbished waterworks, former Becker steelworks, Willich, D
Refurbishment as a listed building, "Kunsthaus Tacheles", Berlin, D
North-east view of the "Le Corbusier" Pavilion, Zurich, CH
New Technical Town Hall, Mannheim, D
First residential building printed in concrete in Germany: "Hous3Druck", Beckum, D
Naturalis Biodiversity Center", Leiden, NL
New psychiatric emergency room at the children's hospital "Wilhelmstift", Hamburg, D
World's First 3D Printed Steel Bridge, Amsterdam, NL
Car park "P5", Glücksteinallee, Mannheim, D
Renovated roof pyramids, pilgrimage cathedral "Maria, Queen of Peace" Neviges, D