Honsell-bridge with European Central Bank, Frankfurt/M, D - off-color-pict
Tree-House Lodge, Schrems, A
Parliament of German-speaking community of Belgium, Eupen, B (photo: Foto: Kalkan)
Biological research institute Seltersberg, JLU Gießen, D (photo: Eckardt, Kitzing)
Camp's mustard factory, Oudenaarde, B
Arthron apartement house, Cologne, D
New library of Philipps University, Marburg, D (photo: Möller, Yüzer, Gülenc, Schmidt)
Eastern Entrance with Gruga-hall, New Fair, Essen, D
stainless-steel-fire-protection-door, Elb-Philharmony, Hamburg, D
White-hall (registry-office), historical townhall, Aachen, D
Erftstadt railway station, D]
Lobby, ForMed-laboratory-building, JLU Gießen, (photo: Finger, Stadtmüller)
New Diocese-archive (former St-Pauls.church), Aachen, D (photo: Tabakci, Gungordu, Kara)