gothic choir stalls at Maulbronn Abbey, miscolored composition
main entrance in paradise, Maulbronn Abbey
courtyard of 'Uppereastside'-office-building, Berlin
wall-fresco by Albert Baur, Ark'tic staircase of Aachen townhall
Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg
Koblenz' Chamber of Crafts pavillon at BUGA 2011
east-looking facade of Aula Regia, Aachen townhall
cafeteria of Macquarie Bank, Frankfurt/M.
1. regular helicopter-landing at the new heliport, clinical center Aachen
bridge-sculpture 'Slinky Springs Into Fame', Oberhausen
baroque dry construction with horse-hair-insolation, Waghäusel Eremitage
Shoah-monument, Herne
dome-summit, Aachen cathedral